Do You Have a Social Media Posting Schedule?

If you’re like me, you have a social media posting schedule in place. It might be through an automatic service or done manually. It’s a schedule to help you be consistent . . . and stay visible.

But, do you actually keep track of which bits of content you’re sending where and how often?

Twitter is my primary social media network. I schedule tweets for about every hour and 15 minutes. I space the time more during the middle of the night to around every hour and a half.

To do this takes time.

A short while ago, I tweeted unique posts over a 7 day period, every hour. That's not including the shares of others' tweets or posts. But, again, this takes time and effort.

So, my new schedule is to REPEAT some of my day tweets during the middle of the night.

There’s a couple of reasons for this:

1. The time and effort factor. There’s just so much a solopreneur can do. To make things work, you need to streamline your processes, including your social media marketing.

2. Within one day, the chances of your tweets being seen by even 5% of your followers is minimal if at all feasible. Having the same tweet posted at two different times of day boosts that post's visibility chances.

I don’t repeat all of my day messages, just enough to make the process a bit more streamlined.

Since I don’t post as heavily on the other social networks, I don’t schedule those posts. As I have new content or I come across interesting and helpful content from others, I share it.

This may not be the best strategy to use, but until I tweak my processes, that’s how it is.

My Twitter Posting Process

Currently, I use a Word doc to list the posts I'll publish on Twitter over a two to three day period. Then I transfer the content to an automatic posting service for Twitter –

Now, for those of you who spread-it-around, heavily working three and four social networks, it’d probably be a good idea to use a spreadsheet for each network.

Over at, they have a post with a free downloadable Excel social media publishing schedule template.

While I love the information HubSpot provides, every ‘free’ download they offer requires your email address. This means you have to sign up for yet another email list. Probably one of their client’s lists.

But, with this particular schedule, you can easily do it yourself.

Go over to the article at HubSpot and ‘copy’ their format. Then simply create your own Excel document.

I’m actually going to create an Excel spreadsheet for my Twitter work. Below is an example of how I’ll do it:

If you notice, I have several Date, Time, and Title cells.

This will allow me to schedule a particular post (possibly one that gets lots of engagement) throughout the month, in advance.

The reason I have a row for ‘Title,’ is so I can tweak the title for each tweet. This will help give that post a better chance of being clicked on.

You can do the same for each of the social networks you use.

Don’t forget to go over to the Hubspot post for some great template ideas:
The Social Media Publishing Schedule Every Marketing Needs Template

Then get started creating your own template for your social media posting schedule.

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