Move Your Social Media Connections to Action with Motivating Words

No matter what business you’re in, words are at the crux of everything.

Whether it’s an in-house note, instructions, guides, web copy, content writing, fiction writing, book marketing, entertainment . . .

You get the idea. Words instruct, alert, command, teach, enlighten, encourage, amuse . . . and they motivate.

There are powerful words. There are magically motivating words. There are words that work.

Over at Red Website Design (1), they have a list of “40 power words” that will motivate social media users to share your posts. And, what’s interesting is each social channel has its own motivating list of words.

Since my main social media tool is Twitter, I’ll start there.

Words that Motivate Twitter Users

1. This first one I know from my own experience: #Twitter is a biggie. When I use Twitter in my post title, I get lots of engagement.

2. Next up is #SocialMedia. This keyword is popular. It seems to currently be a ‘hot topic’ word over at Twitter.

On my posts, this keyword gets the most Favorites and Retweets.

3. Through my own research I’ve also found #Facebook to be another engagement magnet on Twitter. I guess lots of people who use Twitter use FB also.

Other words Red Website Design note as being powerful include:

  • Post
  • Help
  • Free
  • Check Out

Words that Motivate Google+ Users

  • Share
  • Create
  • Increase

Words that Motivate LinkedIn Users

LinkedIn is a more ‘business like’ arena. Users there are interested in the bottom line. They want to know how to get results. Words that LinkedIn users are motivated by include:

  • On time
  • Improved
  • Increased,
  • Developed
  • Researched

Words that Motivate Facebook Users

According to eBiz MBA, Facebook is the most popular social network with 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors (2). This is a network you definitely want to know what words will motivate users to action.

These power words include:

  • Post
  • Take
  • Comment
  • Deals
  • Where
  • Submit
  • Tell Us

Just a side note:

Twitter is the second most popular network with 310,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors (EUMV)
LinkedIn comes in at number three, with 255,000,000 EUMV
Pinterest holds the fourth position with 250,000,000 EUMV
Google Plus takes fifth place with 120,000,000 EUMV

5 Across the Channel Words to Motivate Desirable Actions

1. You.

This is copywriting 101. Using ‘you’ brings the reader into the conversation. He feels you’re speaking to him. It makes it personal.

2. Free.

People love free stuff. Using this word is sure to generate Shares, Retweets, Favorites, and so on.

3. Easy.

Yep, everyone wants what they want and they want it to be easy to get.

4. Guaranteed.

This word may make or break a sale. If a customer is about to pay money for a program or product, she wants to know it’s guaranteed. She wants to know that if it doesn’t meet its promo hype or it’s not what she expected, she can get her money back.

5. Because.

Why should you buy this product? Because . . . it’ll make you rich, powerful, thin, healthier, smarter, stronger, prettier, handsomer . . .

‘Because’ is powerful.

There you have it, a list of powerful, magical words that will motivate your social media connections to take the action you want.

Give them a try and let me know how they work.


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(2) Top Social Networking Websites
(3) The 30 Magic Marketing Words


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