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Last week I talked about creating your own social network posting schedule template. In that article I mentioned having an Excel column for Titles in the template.

I added a ‘Title’ column in my template, so I can tweak the title of a particular post for each time I tweet it within a week, a month, or other.

Why do you want to tweak your titles?

The hard truth is that only a minute fraction of your followers will see a particular post when it’s published. Those who actually see it at a particular time may not be motivated by the title.

If you’re publishing that post twice or more within one day, tweaking the title will give it a better chance of getting clicked, Retweeted, or Favorited. It’s about ‘different strokes for different folks.’

In fact, even if you space out that particular post, if you didn't get good engagement with the first title, try another one.

For example, below are three different titles.

  • How Social Media Marketing Helps a Storefront Business
  • Social Media Marketing Can Help Storefront Businesses – Case Study
  • Build Your Storefront Business with Social Media Marketing – Case Study

Each title will motivate different Twitter users to engage with the post. Words are powerful, but not everyone will be motivated by the same combination of words. Mixing it up broadens your chances.

Take a look at the titles again, is there one that is more enticing than the others? Which one, if any, would motivate you to engage with the post?

What about the titles below?

  • Using Images in Your Content Marketing is a Sure Way to Boost Engagement
  • Different Image Types to Use in Your Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Images – How Many Types Do You Use?
  • Content Marketing with a Variety of Image Types
  • Different Image Types to Boost Your Blog Post Engagement
  • Content Marketing – Spice it Up With Different Image Types
  • Spice Up Your Blogging with Different Image Types

Is there one that would motivate you to engagement above the others?

I prefer the last three. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the last one. It would be the one to best motivate me to take some kind of action.

Testing Titles

In copywriting it’s advised to write lots of different titles for an article. Then decide which works best.

But, with publishing on social networks, you can use them all. Then analyze which gets the most engagement.

I do this and the title really does matter. Remember, the title is the only clue the reader has to what your article is about. You need to get it just right. Or, at least keep trying until you find the one that works best.

Even then though, you’ll still throw a wider net if you vary the title up now and then.

Here’s another example:

  • Self-Talking Yourself Into Being a Better Writer, Better Marketer
  • Tips on Becoming a Better Writer, a Better Marketer

The first title is the one I originally used. But, I got lots more engagement after I switched to the second one.

One other factor to consider when using a social platform that limits word count, is the length of the title. Twitter only allows for 140 characters.

You’ll have to tweak the title until it sounds great and is short enough to allow for the link and hashtag keywords.

One final note on titles: You must make your title relevant to the content. Be sure to give the reader what the title promises, without having to jump through hoops.

While this is a no-brainer, lately, I’ve come across a number of Tweets that have motivating titles, but once on the site, it’s an opt-in landing page. I would have to give my email address to get the information the title promised.

Very disappointing and annoying.

So, think of your readers when crafting your titles.

A note about posting: Try not to use the same content over and over within the same day. I’ll post the same content during the day and then again in the middle of the night, only to reach users in that time zone. But, more than that isn’t a good idea. And, I don’t repost every tweet twice in one day.

People want fresh content.

And, don’t forget to share the relevant titles (posts) of other users.


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