Social Media Traffic and the Power of Google+

I’ve decided to make Wednesdays TIPS days. The posts may not be too long, but they will be packed with actionable tidbits of content writing and content marketing tips.

Today is about the power of GooglePlus.

I do marketing research every day and a littler earlier today, I was looking for GetResponse’s blog page.

Instead of going to the site, I thought it’d be quicker to do a Google search for “email marketing tips.”

When the first SERP page came up, I scrolled down just a bit and there I was!

Yes, I made it on the First SERP for that keyword. Below is a screen shot of the page:

I hadn’t planned on doing a post about Google+ but after this happened I wanted to share with you how powerful this social media network is.

If you notice, I’m just below a link to Forbes and Aweber.

So, how did I do this? (And, I’ve ranked on the first SERP for a few different keywords.)


It seems the Google spiders search the network and choose relevant links for search queries. And, this was an article I shared from another site. It’s not even my own article. But, sharing the article to my Google+ page, it got picked up as a search results link.

And, do you notice something else about the screenshot? There's an image included with my link. That's always a good thing, since people connect more with visuals.

What can be learned from this?

Google favors Google.

If you haven’t been using Google+ as part of your social media marketing, get started today.


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