An Absolute Must-Avoid Landing Page Tip

This is just a quick tip on the importance of a simple website.

I found the webpage below through a Tweet. I clicked on the link because I wanted to read the article, but guess what?

The crazy-hectic background and left sidebar made me look here, there . . . I didn't know where to look. And, that was it for the article. I quickly exited the site.

The article may have been exceptional, I’ll never know. And, neither will lots of other people who click on a link to an article on this site.

Distraction is a NO-NO in marketing. This site's distraction is one of the worst I've seen. It drives people away.

And what’s funny is title of the article.

A scientific study supports the simple is better website strategy:

In a 2012 study conducted by the University of Basel, Switzerland, and Google, researchers discovered that users / visitors create first impressions of a website in well under one second. In fact, it's in under a half a second. And, it was determined that simple websites are perceived by visitors as more attractive.

Remember to keep it simple!


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widdershins said...

It's exhausting just looking at that screenshot of the site!

Karen Cioffi-Ventrice said...

LOL, you're telling me, Widder. I honestly didn't know where to look when I got on that site. And, it's a marketing site. Just crazy.