How Quick Does Your Site Load? Does Speed Matter?

I've written about some of the website metrics Google looks at as factors for ranking your site. There's page views, time on site, bounce rate, and there's page speed.

I found a great infographic that talks about page speed and why it's so important and it's shareable (I love shareable content!). Unfortunately though, the image wouldn't size properly for this blog (appeared too small), so I'll list some of the statistics and link to the infograph.

To start, you can test your website speed with PageSpeed Insights Tool (1) from Google.

As far as page speed mattering:

47% of users want and EXPECT your site to load in less than two seconds
57% of users will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load
75% of online buyer chose a competitor's site, rather than having to wait

Websites that load in 3 seconds have:

50% higher bounce rates
22% less page views, resulting in 22% fewer conversions

Website that load in 5 or more seconds are blown out of the water with:

Over 100% higher bounce rates
35% less page views, resulting in 38% fewer conversions

So, you can see that page speed absolutely matters.

But, what causes a slow loading page and how can you fix it?

(A snip from the infograph)

Some of the infograph's solutions, which I haven't listed, are a bit involved.

But, the first place to start is to check for too many graphics, animations, slide-in otpin plugins, and other 'bells and whistles' that aren't necessary. (2) offers some suggestions also:

1. Page size: anything you have on your page adds 'weight' to it, slowing it down. That includes, text, plugins, widgets, videos, animation, and so on.

2. Third-party objects - this will include social buttons, share buttons, and so on.
Static / Dynamic content - Even something as simple as the type of web page you use can add weight to the page. Static pages load faster that dynamic pages.

3. Flash driven sites are notorious for overloading web pages.

Check into these elements to see if any of them may be adding to your loading time.

Simple works best for the search engines and for the readers, so keep your site clean, neat, and simple.

To read the infograph over at, go to:
Google PageSpeed Insights Infographic


(1) PageSpeed Insights
(2) 5 Reasons Why Your Website is Slow
5 Common Causes of Slow Website Performance


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widdershins said...

Remember dial-up modems? I think if I had to wait that long these days, I'd have a major hissy fit!!! I know that many people here in North America (and around the world) are still on dial-up, so I feel kinda blessed that I can have a cranky about a 5 second delay. :)

Karen Cioffi said...

Hey, Widder. I sure do remember. It sure does show us how our attention span has dwindled over the years. I'd be mighty cranky if I had to wait like before.

The good thing is we are a part of the computer history and cell phone history. We lived without it and with it and watched it grow. Amazing!