Is the Twitter Background Real Estate Important?

I’ll admit I hadn’t thought about Twitter backgrounds. I did have a Twitter header created, but again hadn’t given the background a second thought. Then I read an article at Devumi Blog.

Devumi explains that having a customized background does a number of things, including giving you another place to put your logo.

Other benefits include:

1. Brand uniformity, including your color scheme
2. Your contact information and/ or website address
3. A featured event

This social media real estate can be used for just about anything you think will make your company more engaging, make your account more appealing, increase its  conversions.

In marketing, the rule-of-thumb is that you need to have a bare-bottom-minimum of 7 touch points before a customer will take action in your favor. Touch points are some kind of contact.

While it may be stretching it a bit, having a customized background with pertinent information could be considered a touch point.

The Devumi article gives step-by-step instructions on how to change your Twitter background image. To check it out, go to: Create Stunning Twitter Backgrounds


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