The ‘Miss You’ Emails

Lately, I’ve seen a few ‘Miss You’ emails from marketers. These are from marketers whose emails I haven’t opened in a while or emails that I’ve opened, but haven’t clicked on any links.

Hey, I’m busy. I scan my emails and save lots and lots of them to read later. I often though don’t get the chance to go back and read them, because a new batch of emails arrives in my inbox the next day.

Basically, the marketers are telling their inactive subscribers, “Hey, get off the fence.”

I don’t like these emails. I understand the philosophy behind them, but I don’t particularly agree with it.

They are telling the subscriber, if you don’t take some kind of action, they don’t want to be bothered with you.

Why are these marketers using this strategy?

Email Marketing Fundamentals

1. You build a subscriber list of hopefully targeted readers.
2. You use that list to develop a relationship with your subscribers.
3. You offer what you have to sell to your list.

It’s well known that it’s your subscribers who will purchase what you sell.

But, what about those subscribers who don’t read your emails?

What about those subscribers who never buy from you?

The New Trend

It’s seems the current trend is to get rid of the dead weight.

But, is it really dead weight? What harm to the list are subscribers who don’t buy? Or, subscribers who don’t open an email in a while?

  • Does it prevent new subscribers from joining in? NO.
  • Does it stop other subscribers from being active? NO.
  • Does it prevent other subscribers from buying? NO.
  • Is it more work for the marketer, having the inactive subscribers on board? NO.

  • Is it possible circumstances (financial, time, or other) have prevented that subscriber from taking action? YES.
  • Is it possible the inactive subscriber will all of a sudden read a title that motivates him to open that email? YES.
  • Is it possible that suddenly the subscriber will want what the marketer is offering? YES.

So, what’s the problem?

A Kick in the Butt

My take on this strategy is that the marketers using it are trying to give the inactive subscribers a wake-up call. “Hey, at least open my emails. Click on a link or two, now and then.”

My other thought is that they really don’t want to be bothered with inactive subscribers. Why keep giving them free information without any compensation.

Either way, I see the point. But, again I just don’t agree with it.

If I’m missing something here, I’d love your input.


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widdershins said...

My response to these is, 'stop bugging me. I'll get back to you in my time not yours, and if you do it again I'm unsubscribing', then I delete the email.

widdershins said...

P.S. The above dialogue is in my head. Only the delete happens. :)

Karen Cioffi-Ventrice said...

LOL. I love it, Widder!