Boosting Your Subscriber List – Spice Up the Giveaway

Marketing, including email marketing, is all about research and testing . . . and the offer.

Through research and experience, I’ve realized, and I’m sure lots of other marketers have also, that it’s getting more difficult to increase your mailing list. Thousands of marketers, if not more, are vying for the same prospect you are. So, you need an edge. You need something that will make that prospect think what you’re offering is worthy enough of their email address.

There are at least three ways of creating this ‘spectacular’ offer.

1. Offer a variety of tools.

This type of freebie can be ebooks, videos, podcasts, and so on. The gist of it is to cover a wide variety of topics within your niche.

Using my business as an example, I offer freebies on social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, website optimization, and even book marketing. If a subscriber signs up for an optin focusing on one particular freebie, they get access to them all.

This strategy has increased my mailing list.

2. Create a contest focused on a must-have valuable tool

For this freebie you need to find a core element within your niche that your potential subscriber must have. Something she wants.

In an article at Kissmetrics, it gives three case studies of marketers, one in particular increased his mailing list by 3,418% in just 11 days.

How’d he do it?

Through a contest for a free license to a ‘niche focused’ tool that had a value of around $70. He promoted it through Twitter. And, what made it especially powerful is it was highly focused to his desired subscriber.

Keep in mind that when you get this kind of interest, it creates large ripples into other areas of your marketing: website traffic and ranking, authority, and ultimately sales.

While not everyone has the ability to offer free licenses to marketing tools, you can offer something else of monetary value. Something that’s lazer-focused in your niche and something you know your target audience will absolutely want.

It might be a coupon to one of your products. It might be a gift certificate/card to something you know your audience would be highly interested in.

Tip: Just be sure it’s something that has monetary value and your audience will really want it.

Tip2: To make it more alluring and even the playing field, you might offer two or three prizes of decreasing value.

3. Make it something you know your audience is interested in.

An example of this is a post I published on one of my blogs about creating images. Based on the comments and activity, I know it’s a hot topic with my audience. My intent is to create a step-by-step video showing how to create your own images. (Just have to find the time first.)

This will do three things:

1. It’ll be a bonus to my existing subscribers as appreciation for their loyalty
2. I’ll have a CTA to one of my products and/or an affiliate product.
3. I’ll offer it as another freebie to new targeted subscribers, thereby increasing my mailing list.

Power-tip: Keep in mind that you can buy retweets for whichever freebie option you go with. This will help increase your giveaway or contest’s visibility.

To read the Kissmetrics article, go to:
How to Use a Giveaway to Accelerate the Growth of Your Email List



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