What is a Retweet Worth? Should You Buy Them?

Have you seen those tweets soliciting Twitter followers and retweets?

I sure have.

Buying Twitter followers is a No-No. It’s like buying a list of subscribers for your email list. It’s just unethical.

But, what about buying retweets?

I hadn’t even thought about this until I read an article at Devumi. (1) It listed the Pros and Cons of taking advantage of this strategy. And, they sell the service.

Now, I consider Devumi a trusted site and so does (an analytical service) – Devumi has great rankings. Taking this into consideration, I’m now thinking about this marketing opportunity.

Going back to the title of this article, what is a retweet worth?


Retweets boost visibility. This translates into website traffic, authority, social proof, higher rankings, and more conversions.

Pretty valuable, right?

It seems difficult to get people to retweet a tweet. I get lots of ‘favorites,’ but not so with retweets. I’m still not sure why this is so, but it does make me think: Is it ethical to buy retweets?

Before I talk about that, what’s the real value in getting more retweets?

1. It’s the ‘bandwagon effect’ or ‘herd mentality.’

Simply put, the bandwagon effect is “the tendency to think or act in ways because other people do.” (2) This tendency relates to just about everything, including products, slang, music, television, websites, and yes, the retweet.

It’s so effective that I find I do it myself. If I see a tweet that has lots of retweets, I automatically assume it’s a valuable tweet worth sharing.

2. Along with the visibility, is the social proof which is need to create the bandwagon effect.

3. Activity and engagement, both of which the social engines and search engines want to see. And, what will help increase your rankings.

This is the value in buying a retweet.

Remember, every Twitter user who shares your tweet brings that tweet to the users following them. This is powerful.

But, is buying retweets ethical?

To answer this question, I have a few other questions:

•    Have you ever bought PLRs (Private Label Rights). This is content you buy and use as your own.
•    Have you ever used paid advertising on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or other social network?
•    Have you ever hired an editor, rewriter, or ghostwriter?
•    Have you ever used Google Adwords?
•    Have you ever paid for any other type of marketing that brought your business to the forefront or helped in your marketing?

Most of us can answer yes to at least one of the above questions. So then, what’s unethical about buying retweets?

But, what’s the actual cost?

In writing this article, I did some research. Retweets are actually pretty reasonable and practical if you’re focusing on one or only a couple of tweets. I’ve seen them for $1.89 for 100 retweets of one particular tweet and $39.99 for 10,000 retweets.

The only thing you need to be careful of is which service you use. As with all things, there are the ‘good and the bad.’ You want to find a service that’s reputable. And, you need to ensure that the retweets will be targeted.

Whatever niche/industry you’re in, you’ll want the retweets targeted to users who will be interested in those tweets.

On the flip side of that coin: If the retweets are generic and go to whoever, the numbers will still be there for your followers to see, motivating them to get on the retweet ‘bandwagon.’

So, while you do want targeted retweets, it’s not absolutely necessary for this strategy.

Taking the plunge.

I think this is a worthwhile experiment to say the least. I’ll be trying it out and let you know the results.



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