Guest Posts - Reprint Policy

This site accepts guest posts, offers posts, and allows reprints (and, scroll down for new Ad Space opportunity):


Acceptable articles will be on writing, marketing, author interviews, and book reviews. The content should be "G" rated.

The word document article length should be between 350 and 600 words (longer, if warranted, is acceptable), and please be sure to edit and proof before submitting. In addition, please be sure the article is properly formatted.

What to include in your submission:

  1. Please include TAG words - at least three.
  2. Please include a brief bio, which may include one link to a relevant*, legitimate, reputable, and 'G' rated site.
  3. Please include the FULL URL for the link you included - do not embed it.
*A relevant site is one that has content related to this site (writing and marketing).

What not to do:

  1. Do not include links to other 'writing services' sites.
  2. Do not include a 3rd party link. Link must be to author's own site.
  3. Do not embed links, the formatting is lost when posted onto Blogger from Notepad.
Original content is required - you may reprint it 30 days after publishing on this site.

I reserve the right to refuse any article. All links are checked.

These guidelines are applicable for Writers on the Move also.



I do guest posts for other sites, usually reprints. But, if you have a high-traffic site and would like an original, please explain in your email.

My email: karencioffi -AT- ymail -DOT- com
Please put "Request Guest Post" in the Subject box.



All my content is copyrighted, but may be reprinted as long as FOUR rules are followed:

1. The article content remains completely intact (excluding the More Reading and Recommended Tool).

2. The following byline is included with a clickable link:

Karen Cioffi is a content writer, ghostwriter, and inbound marketing instructor. To take your small business or home business to the next level, get weekly tips and guidance through The Writing World newsletter (it's free). Get started today:

3. The reprints are not to be used for sale in any format, including ebooks, without my written permission.

4. The Source Article URL is included at the end of the article, before the byline. It should look like this:
Source Article: (put the URL to the original article).

* PLEASE NOTE: The reprint policy is ONLY for MY articles - it does not pertain to guest posts on this site.

If you have any questions, you can email me at: - please put "Reprint of Article" in subject box.

Happy Writing :) 



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