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Mistakes in your writing are the reason behind a pile of rejection slips. Mistakes that mean editors simply pass over your work, marking you as unprofessional. This e-book, by best-selling author Nick Daws, provides the know how to help you self-edit your manuscript. And, at only $24.95, it's a sure-fire investment.

Get your special discounted downloadable version today for $19.95:
Essential English for Authors



Can you imagine writing your own NOVEL?
The THRILL of putting your words onto paper. The EXCITEMENT of receiving your first copy. The KICK at seeing your book featured at a local store. The BUZZ of signing your first copy. But you know what would make it all EVEN BETTER? Getting it all done in just ONE MONTH.
Working as little as 40 MINUTES a DAY! It sounds impossible. But it's not.

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Whether you want to write mysteries, romance, non-fiction, memoirs, even screenplays and film-scrips, you can do it within 28 days, and Nick Daws (multi-award winning and multi-published author) shows you exactly how.

How's it done? Speed writing, and Daws, one of the most prolific writers of our time, reveals his techniques.

Interested in an AUDIO CD version, then CLICK HERE for a special discounted price of $39.95.

Interested in the PRINTED version, then CLICK HERE for the special discounted price of $49.95



Don't leave your files or your manuscript to chance.

Can you IMAGINE turning on your PC one day... Only to find ALL of your work completely GONE?

Your novel. Your non-fiction book. Your screenplay. All totally VANISHED.
Maybe you accidentally deleted your Word document. Perhaps a virus attacked your computer files. Maybe Microsoft Windows simply died on you. Or maybe the documents all just DISAPPEARED. It happens. It's happened to me!

Backup your files everyday to ensure their safety.

You can also try and get up to 2GB of FREE space.



Okay, you didn't take anyone's advice and you haven't been backing up your work. Uh, oh.

Whether you've accidentally emptied your Recycle Bin, or you've been attacked by a virus, or your young child; been randomly banging keys at your PC -- if it's missing, you can get it back.

Get Recover Deleted Files, the super-smart PC program, today for just $22.95.


HERE ARE TWO GREAT VIDEO MARKETING TOOLS for you. But, first to see why using video as part of your marketing strategy is so important, check this article out:


First up is this $37 dollar ecourse and I love it. It's step-by-step videos of around 10 minutes each, showing you exactly how to create amazing videos. And, you can contact the author if you have questions!


This one is a member site that offers more one-on-one and comprehensive instruction. What's great about this site is it's a ONE TIME fee of $67. New instructional videos are added and you can request a video on something you're having trouble with.

Both of these video marketing tools are more than worth their cost.

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WORKING WRITER'S CLUB with Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Club offer freelancing tips, instruction, teleclasses, resources and more. All under the guidance of writing instructor and coach Suzanne Lieurance.


FREE SERVICES To Promote You and Your Services
If you specialize in a particular field, you can offer a consultation service via the internet, phone or in person.
Skype offers a Skype Prime account--register as a trainer and people can contact you for one-to-one or group learning.
Want to attract even more traffic to your site? Create an online magazine.

25 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer
From Coding to Tech stuff to free ebooks to LOTS more

29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew About Earlier
From TinEye to Snoops to Instructables to . . .


Free Keyword Tools


Marketing Tools

Website Grader
Check out the grade and ranking of your sites for free

My eCover Maker
Get e-book covers for $3.95 per download

Want to create your own covers using Microsoft Office 2010? Check out:
Design Your Own eBook Cover in 10 Easy Steps

To generate traffic, search for your site/s on the following search engines to make sure you're visible:


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